Stationery Stand Set

Stationery Stand Set

The skill of the conductor greatly impacts the harmony of an orchestra's performance. Similarly, it is important to ensure that your workspace aligns with your needs. Our Stand Set can help you organize your small office effectively and efficiently. 

This collection includes four stands of varying sizes, ideal for arranging office essentials and other work-related items. You'll be delighted by the added versatility of this set: while two stands fulfill their primary role, the other pair can be transformed into charming pots for your favorite indoor plants.

If "Eco-friendly living!" is your motto, this stand set is a perfect match for you. Each piece is crafted from solid natural oak. The cork base ensures that the stands remain stable and don't scratch the desk surface when moved. We use our cork from the bark of cork oaks in Portugal, known as the birthplace of these trees.

Designed with a contemporary minimalist approach, the Stand Set's warm tones and natural wood texture provide a cozy feeling and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your workspace.

Tech Specs:
Brand: MyOrchestree
Material: Solid oak, cork
Dimensions (in): 1.18" х 2.76" х 2.76", 1.97" х 2.76" х 2.76", 2.95" х 2.76" х 2.76", 3.94" х 2.76" х 2.76"
Dimensions (mm): 30 х 70 х 70, 50 х 70 х 70, 75 х 70 х 70, 100 х 70 х 70
Color: Oak
Warranty period: 12 months
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Stationery Stand Set